The Matchbox PC

I came across this article about the Matchbox PC while researching small PC's for use in portable MAME cabinets. The article is old (2000) and I think these little PCs would be difficult to come by these days, but I would still love to see someone use this PC in an arcade cabinet. A Windows 95 or Linux version of MAME could be used to create a truely portable (maybe even handheld) mini MAME. The video quality might be questionable, but it would probably run older PacMan style games just fine.

Check out the original article from here. I've quoted the complete contents of the original article and pictures below, only because I'm not sure how long the above link will remain active (it is 7 years old already). The content below is a quoted article from, it is not my own review.

The Matchbox PC, MPC for short, is the world's smallest PC capable of running such popular operating systems as Windows 95, Windows NT, and Linux. The main unit of the MPC, TIQIT part number 10902, consists of a motherboard, two JUMPtec modules (DIMM-PC and DIMM-IO), and a daughter board with a CompactFlash socket and power supply. It measures 5 cubic inches and weighs 3.3 oz. With the addition of a Li-Ion camcorder battery and port expander it becomes a complete PC, having the same connectors found on desktop PCs 300 times as large and capable of running the same programs. The expander board, part number 10903, expands the main unit's VHDCI connector to an array of standard PC connectors. The MPC proper, part number 10901, consists of the main unit (10902) and expander board (10903).

FULLY SVGA CAPABLE. The Graphical User Interface (GUI) of your favorite operating system may be viewed at a resolution of either 800x600 or 1024x768, device permitting, with any of the following display devices. A standard computer monitor, of any size whether 12" or 21"; A VGA-capable LCD panel of any size; A VGA-capable head-mounted display; Any video projector. (We take the 3 oz MPC everywhere with the 4 lb Compaq MP1600 video projector, making it possible to project a Powerpoint talk, an Internet surfing session, or a demo on any convenient white surface without the audience having to crowd around a small monitor or laptop screen.)

FULLY INTERNET CAPABLE. In conjunction with an ethernet connection, ordinary modem, or wireless modem such as the Metricom Ricochet, the MPC can be used to browse any web site accessible from your desktop PC, in 8-bit color. FULLY AVAILABLE. The MPC is in production and can be ordered from the producers site, now for delivery soon. Its price you ask? $1,495.00"

A little googling turned up these results on the matchbox pc. Especially interesting was the article from in 2005 found here.

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